Strands Universal drilling machine S25U

Other information & accessories

STRANDS S25U is a combined 25 mm drilling / milling machine. The design of the gearbox is our well-proven technology for the highest possible torque.The machine is equipped with a coordinate table with 3 T-slots and an oil stripe. The table can be equipped with automatic feeding for the longitudinal movement.On the front of the drill head there is a knob for feeding the spindle during fine feeding. The fine feed enables an even feed and accurate setting of cutting depth during milling. During milling work, the spindle sleeve is locked in the desired position. The machine is suitable for drilling, reaming, threading and milling. The drill head can be raised and lowered and rotated 0-45 ° in both directions. The desired angle can be set against a graduated washer.Drill protection with microswitches is standard in the CE area.
Machine data
Stock number 100-57
Table size 584x242mm
X axis travel 415mm
Voltage 380v
Manufacturing year New
Machine width 759mm
Machine height 1784mm
Machine weight 285kg