Strands culumn drilling machine S35ME

Other information & accessories

Strands S35ME - automatic machine feed with electrical connection. Feed attachment with pushbuttons built into the feed-down handle, to simplify the work for the operator. Automatic reversal for threading is standard.

Strands S35 is a series of Swedish-made column drilling machines with 35 mm drilling capacity. The machines are available with both manual and automatic feeding, which makes it possible to have a more efficient workflow. Both drill head and table arm are rotatable 360 ° around the pillar, and can be raised and lowered. Drill protection with microswitches is standard in the CE area.
Machine data
Stock number 100-23
Table size 500x400mm
Quill travel 150mm
Drilling capacity 35mm
Work feed 0.10-0,30mm/r
Spindel power 1,4/2,0kw
Spindel taper mk4
Spindel speed 75-3010rpm
Voltage 380v
Manufacturing year Ny
Machine length 670mm
Machine width 475mm
Machine height 1890mm
Machine weight 300kg