Schwarze-Robitec PLATE ROLL PB4-8-6

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Designed by Swedish Swebend

ONLY 500tim.

- All hydraulic four roll plate bending machine, including erection of top roll
- Lower roll movement by means of key wedges for maximum precision
- Mechanical adjustment of lower roll parallellism
- Infinitely variable drive on top and lower rolls by means of hydraulic motor, one motor for each roll
- Automatic speed compensation between the roll
- Hardened & Ground rolls, typically 54-56HRC
- Prepared for cone bending, cone bending key is missing
- SKF bearings in all journals
- Digital readouts showing the positions of the side rolls at both ends
- Wire Operated Emergency Stop at both sides of the machine
- Complete electrical equipment for 400V, 3phase, 50Hz
- Instruction manual with schematics etc.
Machine data
Stock number 118095
Control system SweBend CNC type 7-Silver
Top roll diameter 203mm
Buttom roll diameter 178mm
Side roll diameter 165mm
Capacity pre-bending 2000x8mm (Ø 610 mm)
Capacity circular bending 2000x15mm (Ø 1625 mm)
Working Legnth 2050mm
Voltage 380v
Manufacturing year 2014