Pers Group Vibrating deburring machine Vibra-Line 150B

Other information & accessories

"Vibra-Line 150B" Round vibrator with 150 liter bowl and with noise-reducing lid. The U-shaped bowl has vertical straight sides and an automatic discharge output. When the articles come out automatically, the machine is coated with 22 mm. yellow PU coating (polyurethane) (the picture shows the model where the PU coating is brown.) The work bowl itself, with its capacity of 150 L., can take about 50 L. objects per charge depending on the shape and size of the individual parts.
The basic model for the "Vibra-Line 150B" is equipped with a control cabinet that includes. a manual timer as well as a start and a stop switch. (This means that the circular vibrator always operates at the same speed during operation and discharge.) The machine is CE approved.

Extra equipped with frequency controlled vibration motor!

A buffer container (made of plastic) is used to handle the compound (soapy water). A stainless steel filter basket is mounted in the buffer tank to filter (collect) the small chips that run with the composition when they have become small enough. The compound itself goes through the filter curve and out into the buffer tank, from where a submersible pump pumps the water back to the Round Vibrator.
The buffer tank has dimensions: LxWxH = 700 x 400 x 450 mm. and delivered 1 pc. submersible pump, plus 1 st. stainless steel filter basket (630 μm).
Machine data
Stock number 100-54
Capacity 150l
Size of drum 1000mm (260mm)
Voltage 380v
Slitlager i skål 200mm PU
Manufacturing year Ny
Machine weight 320kg