Pers group Centrifugal deburring machine Turbo-Line 120S

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Semi-automatic turbo-tumbling machine with integrated wastewater solution type Turbo-Line 120 S for deburring and polishing of all types of metal. Turbo-Line 120 S has a 4.0 kW main engine.

When the process starts, water is added to the bowl. The grinding and working waste, together with the water, will be led through the slot, continuing to return to the bottom vessel where a coarse filter is mounted. The water will then normally be led with the submersible pump for process treatment plants where the sludge part will be retained. The water is recycled again.
The machine's functions are controlled on a 5-inch color screen. Here, rotation speed and process time are controlled as the most important parameters. The tilt function for the discharge box itself is performed via an electric joystick. It is also possible to choose between different languages.
Machine data
Stock number 100-30
Capacity 120l 55kg
Size of drum 630mm
Hastighet 0-180rpm
Slitlager i skål 22mm PU
Manufacturing year Ny
Machine length 1700mm
Machine width 1300mm
Machine Height 2200mm
Machine weight 700kg