FMB bandsaw Saturn

Other information & accessories

Semi automatic band saw machine
for cutting from 0° to 60° right
and from 0° to 45° left, of profiles or full
of medium dimensions.
Head hydraulic controlled with cutting
adjustment by single-turn flow valve,
in an ergonomic position.
Material clamping vice in cast iron,
with manual hand wheel and hydraulic
lock cylinder.
Head rotation angle stop at
0°, 45°, 60° and -45°.
Degrees measuring system, graduated
scale and rugged in construction locking lever.
Machine data
Stock number 100-66
Capacity round 305mm
Capacity rectangular 375x300mm
Blade speed 16-100m/min
Miter - 60° - +45°
Blade dimension 3420x27x0,9mm
Voltage 380v
Manufacturing year Ny
Machine length 1800mm
Machine width 1000mm
Machine Height 1550mm
Machine weight 800kg