FMB bandsaw OMEGA

Other information & accessories

Semi-automatic band saw for cutting from
0 ° to 60 ° right and 45 ° left. Stop by
0 °, 45 °, 60 ° and -45 °. Graded scale for
display of cutting angle. Robust locking lever
for rotation of the saw frame. Vice for
locking the material with manual adjustment
with hydraulic closing cylinder.
Large rotating disc to place the material
all the way to maximum cutting capacity. Handling system
for the saw frame with
hydraulic cylinder.
Regulation of the saw arch descent with flow valve
on the control panel. Ability
also for manual cutting.
Machine data
Stock number 100-46
Capacity round 240mm
Capacity square 240x240mm
Capacity rectangular 240x270mm
Blade speed 35/70m/min
Miter - 60° - +45°
Blade dimension 2700x27x09mm
Manufacturing year New
Machine length 850mm
Machine width 1450mm
Machine Height 1450mm
Machine weight 490kg